Selecting Effective Golf Tee Prizes

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With literally thousands of golf tee prizes and player gifts to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which type of item will make the biggest splash at your next tournament.  While it is important to provide items that tastefully recognize your sponsor or donor, it is equally important to select items that players will use after the event.  The following five tee prize categories provide several options to consider.

Meet Basic Needs

You can never go wrong with items every player needs such as golf balls, tees and towels.  Obviously, golfers go through these items on a regular basis and can always use more.  The only downside to “disposable” items is the short window of custom logo exposure.  One way to increase the marketing value of these items is to be creative with the packaging.  For example, consider a Two-Ball Business Card Box instead of the typical sleeve of three golf balls.  This unique packaging includes a window or notched corners to add a business card or coupon to promote your sponsor.  Instead of a handful of loose tees, you might consider the Going Green Tee Kit featuring an organic cotton zipper pouch with a logo and ten bamboo tees.  The golfers can use the pouch after the tees are long gone.  Although screen printed towels are typically the most budget-friendly, the logo will eventually fade after several washings.  A Custom Woven Towel is a great alternative since the logo is literally woven as the towel is being made.  There is no ink or thread added after the fact.

On and Off the Course

Some of the best giveaways are items that can be used on and off the golf course such as polo shirts, outerwear, t-shirts and headwear.  Not only do these items lend themselves well to large logos, they can also be worn anywhere giving the sponsor maximum exposure.  When deciding how best to apply a logo to apparel items, consider the complexity of the sponsor logo.  If the logo is very large or has many bright colors, it might be best to place it on a shirt sleeve or back yoke under the collar for example.  People are more likely to continuously wear items that don’t have a “billboard” feel.  Selecting a “tone on tone” thread color – two shades lighter or darker than the fabric – is also a subtle way to feature a logo.  It is also recommended to keep all apparel designs free of specific dates, however words such as “annual” or “anniversary” tend to bring more value to the logo.

Making Memories

Many players enjoy collecting player gifts that commemorate the golf tournament, but don’t necessarily have a functional use.  These items include, but are not limited to bag tags, photo holders and golf flags.  If you will have a celebrity or special guest at your tournament, these types of items are “autograph-ready”.

Desktop & Recreational Items

Think outside the box at your golf event by providing non-golf items alongside your golf-specific items.  If you have a majority of executives or office workers, you might consider an item that can be placed on a desk such as a digital photo frame, cell phone holder or padfolio.  A cooler or duffel is also a great golf giveaway that will most likely be used for other recreational activities.  These types of items offer greater year-round exposure for your sponsor.

Let Them Choose

Many items are available in a “Tournament Overrun” or gift gallery set up.  You simply order surplus of each item and allow each player to select from two or more options.  Simply return the unused items for credit.  For example, custom golf gloves need to be sized and make for a great gallery option.  Luggage is another popular option that can be provided without a logo for easy return of surplus.  One of the best gift gallery options is golf shoes.  Again, it is recommended to order a 20% overrun of the most common sizes.  Any players that aren’t fitted on site can have a pair drop-shipped to their home or office after the event.

The sky’s the limit when selecting your tee prizes.  Always consider the demographic, tournament theme or cause, quality of gift and of course, budget when making your decision.  Your players will feel appreciated when they register the day of the event and receive a custom gift.

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