Circle Shot

Offer one or more players the opportunity to take a Circle Shot.  If the ball comes to rest within three feet of the cup, they win $1,000.00 Cash - NO HOLE IN ONE REQUIRED!

Our Circle Shot event is typically held before or after tournament play. It's affordable, exciting and a great fund raiser for charity events.  Everyone will gather to watch!

Win $1,000.00 Cash!

Minimum hole yardage is 165 for both men and women.  Shot may be taken from a par 3 hole or the middle of a par 4/5 fairway close to the clubhouse.

Choose the lucky player(s) in any number ways - a raffle (great way to raise money), winner of an on-course contest (such as Closest to the Pin), qualifying, golf ball drop, and more.

Pair with our Million Dollar Shot event.

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