Try the Circle Shot Golf Risk Event – No Hole In One Required!

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Golf risk events such as the Hole In One, Putt Fore Cash and Million Dollar Shot are a great addition to any golf tournament.  All of these events require a holed out shot or putt in order to win the associated prize.  The Circle Shot risk event is a unique alternative because the ball simply has to get close to the hole to win the prize.

A cash prize is awarded if the ball simply comes to rest within three or six feet of the hole – no hole in one required!

PAYOUT: Choose from three prize options – $1,000 Cash if the ball comes to rest within 3 feet of the cup, $2,000 Cash if the ball comes to rest within 3 feet of the hole or $1,000 Cash if the ball comes to rest within 6 feet of the hole plus an additional $1,000 Cash if the ball comes to rest within 6 feet of the hole.  REQUEST A QUOTE

SET UP: The Circle Shot event is best held before or immediately following tournament play.  If possible, select a hole that is close to the clubhouse to encourage a crowd of spectators to gather for added excitement.  The attempt must be made from a minimum of 165 yards for both men and women.  This can be accomplished on any par 3 hole or in the fairway of a par 4 or par 5 hole.  Allow 15 to 20 minutes from set up to completion.

WITNESSES: Two non-playing witnesses are required, one of which must be a PGA Professional or civil officer.  One witness should be stationed at the teeing area and one at the putting green.

VIDEO FOOTAGE: A third person (non-witness) must operate a video camera from greenside.  It must be pointed at the hole to capture the ball rolling towards the cup and the ensuing measurement.

PLAYER SELECTION: There are many ways to determine who will attempt the Circle Shot.  Consider raffling off the opportunity to raise money for you tournament cause.  Alternatively, the attempt can be awarded to a Closest to the Pin or Longest Drive winner.  If you’re short on time, you can even draw a name out of a hat.  Ultimately, one person per premium is allowed.

ELIGIBILITY: Amateurs age 18 or older are eligible to attempt the Circle Shot.

Consider the Circle Shot at your next golf tournament.  It is easy to set up, affordable and sure to generate more excitement.

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