We celebrate the life and legacy of the original Golf Lady, Diana M. Grace.


Diana Grace was the founder and president of GolfLady.com and GolfTournament.com (previously Golf Tournament Promotions) - pioneers in the golf promotions and e-commerce industry.

Diana was born on October 31, 1948 in Worcester, MA and graduated with a Bachelor Arts Degree in Business Administration from Lesley College in 1986. Shortly after earning her degree, Diana was introduced to the game of golf which became her passion and motivation for founding GolfLady.com in 1993. An avid golfer, Diana participated in many amateur golf tournaments across the US and was an active member of the Stonebriar Women's Golf Association (SWGA) and the Dallas Women's Golf Association (DWGA), the oldest woman's golf association in the US.

Sadly, Diana was diagnosed with non-smoker lung cancer in December 2004 and passed away in April 2007. Her battle against this devastating illness was carefully chronicled by her husband, Edward Grace at www.cancer-caregiver.com.

Diana's Vision Lung Cancer Foundation was established in her memory with two goals in mind. The first is to raise funds to support research to eliminate lung cancer especially from non smoking women. The second is to raise funds for college scholarships that will be awarded to young female golfers whose families have been affected with this deadly disease. Diana loved golf and sincerely wished to assist young women whose lives have been shaken by this disease.

Diana was elegant, professional, innovative and dedicated to her customers throughout the US. Her contributions to the golf industry, family, friends and employees are cherished and honored.

Today, GolfTournament.com continues to honor Diana's legacy as a woman-owned and operated business. Our team includes credentialed golf teachers, golf writers, tournament planners and golf business gurus. We are committed to providing high quality golf apparel, tee prizes, signs and hole in one insurance for golf tournaments across the country.