I have a digital file of my logo - can it be used to embroider on garments?
Embroidery machines use a special file format to stitch custom logos on garments. Your digital logo file will be used to create the special file needed for the embroidery machines. This process is commonly referred to "as digitizing your logo". There is a charge for this service and the cost is based upon the number of stitches required in the final design.

I have a "digitized" version of my logo - can you use it?
Yes, as long as your digitized file version is a standard format - Tajima (.dst file format) is the defacto standard file format. We can use your Tajima compatible file and will not have to create a new digitized file. There maybe some editing required depending upon the size of the logo or the fabric to be sewn upon.

What if I don't have a logo?
We have the resources to assist you with a design to be embroidered on the garments.

What factors are considered when digitizing a logo for embroidery?
A logo will stitch differently on different types of fabric. The garment fabric (weave) and type of thread to be used are taken into consideration when we digitize your logo for embroidery. Our goal is to produce embroidered logos that are attractive and representative of our customers' original artwork.

What size can the embroidered logo be?
Average size for a logo sewn on the chest is approximately three inches wide. Of course, depending upon the design shape of your logo, it may need to be larger or smaller. The minimum size for letters included in a logo design are often the determining factor dictating the minimum embroidered logo size. The logo location is also a factor in size definition.

How many colors can the embroidered logo have?
Your logo may include up to eight different colors. We match thread colors to the logo PMS colors as accurately as possible.

Can I modify the colors of my embroidered logo?
Yes, the logos that we design will allow you to modify the thread colors when the logo will be embroidered on different colored garments.

What is Tone on Tone embroidery?
There are times when you may want your logo to blend in with the garment. In those cases, the logo will be embroidered in a thread color that is the same as the garment color. This is referred to as "Tone on Tone". Sometimes, picking a thread color a shade or two lighter or darker than the garment is also used effectively.

What fonts can I use in my embroidered logo?
We take into account the letter size, shape, spacing, shadows, italics, and so on when selecting a font. Some fonts reproduce beautifully in embroidery, while other fonts, especially thinly shaped letters, don't reproduce very well. We will advise you with our recommendations.

What's the minimum number of items I can purchase with a custom embroidered logo?
The minimum embroidery order is one garment, however discounted pricing applies for orders of twelve or more pieces.

How fast can you embroider the garments I select with my logo?
Once you authorize us to digitize your logo, you will receive an image of the sew out in approximately 2 to 3 days for your review and approval. Rush digitizing service is available for an extra charge. Once approved, the actual embroidery typically runs two weeks depending upon the number of garments to be embroidered. The shipping of the finished garments adds additional time. Average project time is two to three weeks from start to delivery of goods to you. For any logo that GolfTournament.com digitizes, no garments will be embroidered without the customer's prior approval of the sewn out logo.

I need my garments next week - can you make my need date?
By using expedited shipping, the delivery time can be shortened. If we accept the project, we will meet your in-hands date. We will not accept a project if we cannot meet the need date.

Where do I send my logo file?
Please email your logo to info@golftournament.com. Once received, we will confirm that we have received it. Please email your logo as a vector file format (.eps, .ai or .cdr). We prefer to receive an Adobe Illustrator CS3 or earlier version with fonts outlined. If you have questions on file formats please see Submit Your Logo call toll free at (800) 609-2425. We will assist you with providing us a file format that we can use.

What are the fees to embroider my custom logo?
The normal turnaround time to complete digitizing of a logo is 2 to 3 business days.

Digitizing Set Up Fee
< 5,000 - $75.00
5,000 - 7,999 - $95.00
8,000 - 11,999 - $125.00
12,001 > - Call for quote

Roughly 75% of the logos we produce have less than 5,000 stitches. You'll be charged the digitizing fee when we finish digitizing your logo. If you add to or change an approved logo design, there is a revision fee of $50 depending upon the complexity of the change.

Application Fee
The fee to embroider your logo on each garment varies and is based upon the final stitch count (as determined by the set up process) which is typically based on the overall size and complexity of your logo. The average application fee is $3.00 to $5.00 per shirt in addition to the cost of each garment.

I have some questions on embroidery that you have not answered, what should I do?
Please call (800) 609-2425 or email info@golftournament.com.