BREAKING: Goodie Bag Retires


We appreciate your many years of service as the protector of golf tees, plastic divot tools, foam can coolers, coupons and raffle tickets. You faithfully sheltered our golf tournament swag from thoughtful organization, creative presentation and meaningful sponsor interactions. Your plastic drawstrings and patch handles made it convenient for us to stuff you full of random kitsch and crumpled print promotional materials. We salute you for meeting your eventual fate head on; the trash can or (cringe) the hands of a toddler. We commend your bravery. 

As you enter the golden years of retirement, we will honor your legacy by offering tournament gifting experiences that inspire players and sponsors alike. 

We will incorporate gifting into all phases of our golf tournament (not just registration).

We will curate gifts that represent the mission and purpose of our organizations and outings.

We will select high quality, functional gifts that can be used on and off the golf course.

We will feature custom decoration that tastefully and creatively communicates sponsor brand stories. 

We will carefully consider the packaging and presentation of each and every gift.

We will give sponsors the opportunity to interact with players as they share custom merchandise.

We will set up tee box stations, pop up shops and custom fitting experiences to personalize the gifting experience. 

Goodie Bag, we won't let you down. Bags may still be a part of our big day if they will be reusable and multifunctional. 

We solemnly swear that everyone will gasp, grin and enjoy every second of gifting and receiving. Afterall, we are in the business of joy.