Golf Tests Character & Values

Not sure about a person’s character? Considering a personal or business relationship with a new acquaintance?

Take them to the golf course...

Here’s Why…

#1 – An 18-hole round of golf averages four to five hours of focused time. How often do you get so much uninterrupted time with a person?

#2 – Each player is solely responsible for their decisions and strategy. You can witness a person’s ability to plan ahead and react under pressure.

#3 – At some point, each golfer must interact with other players – turn-taking, waiting for slower players, etc. Attention and patience are a must.

#4 – Each player is solely responsible for their own score-keeping and penalty application (no referees) . A sure-fire way to determine whether or not a person values integrity.

#5 – No matter how experienced a golfer is, they are bound to have a bad shot, hole or round. Their reaction is a hint about how they function when things don’t go according to plan.

The game of golf is an exceptional method for determining a person's personality, values, passion and ethics. Next time you want to know more about someone, invite them to links. Perhaps you will be surprised by what you see.